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About Us

A&E Pharmacy has designed and tailored their pharmacy services to the needs of seniors living communities.

We are personally involved in the quality initiatives including pain management, reducing potentially unnecessary medications, reducing medication errors, and other areas related to medication management.

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Pharmacy Benefits

Experienced, customer-focused team

Our partnership with nursing staff simplifies and consolidates processes to save time. Staff and resident requests are immediately resolved. You’ll speak with a real person. We will set up schedules, packaging, and frequencies that work for you.

All medications, OTCs and supplies (including diabetic supplies) are available

One provider for all needs decreases risk of using multiple pharmacies.

Independent living residents can have direct communication with A&E Pharmacy to order their prescriptions, OTC medications and medical supplies, with free delivery to their door!

Competitive pricing and monthly billing.

Easy, convenient same-day delivery

Medications can be ordered, delivered, and started the same day.

Comprehensive medication reviews

An experienced pharmacist can review medications and health history in collaboration with the health care team to ensure residents are taking only the medications needed.

Referrals for pharmacist consultations with nurse, resident and family to review changes and answer questions.

Overall improved quality of care

Through shared data systems, communication between pharmacists and the health care team is streamlined, decreasing medication management risks.

A&E Pharmacy Services

Developed exclusively to serve Seniors

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Blister or Vial Packaging

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Medications Delivered Daily to Each Location

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Partner Pharmacist Available 24/7

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Most Insurances Accepted

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Monthly Charge Accounts (for co-pays)

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Assistance in Medication Management

Where We Provide Service

"A&E has been such a reliable partner in serving our population of residents. A&E is dedicated to prompt delivery of medications and is always just a phone call or email away for any questions regarding our pharmaceutical needs. We are forever thankful for the endless support throughout the Covid-19 pandemic; their work was outstanding. We were provided hundreds of vaccines for our staff and residents during the darkest times of the pandemic. Their hard work and dedication have protected our population without a doubt. I would recommend A&E to any facility looking for a pharmaceutical team; they are the best partner a facility could ask for."

Sydney H., RNRedeemer Health and Rehab

"As a patient's family member, we have chosen A&E pharmacy over other long-term care pharmacies because they are very efficient and cost-effective, while providing a cost-saving medications package. Their customer service is incredible, and we appreciate their help managing medications for our loved ones."

Sandra K., Resident's Family MemberPraha Village, New Prague

"We have been using A&E pharmacy services for a while now because of their excellent customer service. They offer monthly cycle fills for the senior-living facility's residents, which always get delivered on time and relieve the concern of running short on daily medications."

DV, Resident's Family MemberHastings Senior Health & Living

Frequently Asked Questions

What is A&E Pharmacy?

A full-service pharmacy provider that services residents through MN, IA, and CO. Our comprehensive pharmacy can deliver IV medications, OTCs, hospice medications, and supplies all to your community.

How do I get my medications from A&E Pharmacy?

Community staff can provide you with a consent form or inform staff that you would like A&E to provide you pharmacy services. Services are available for ALL residents, including those not receiving med management. We deliver daily and on weekends when needed. Delivery is FREE.

Will A&E be able to work with my Doctor?

A&E partners with all physicians and specialists and A&E will follow up with physicians regarding prescriptions and work collaboratively to ensure safety.

Are costs the same? What can I expect to pay?

We accept all insurances including Tricare. There are some plans that have “preferred networks” which may limit your pharmacy choices to receive medications at the lowest copay. We are not able to provide medications for those insured through Veterans Affairs. Nearly all OTC products are available and competitively priced. Statements will be sent monthly for co-pays to each resident, POA or designated representative. A&E accepts credit cards or a check for payment.

Why do the costs I pay for my drugs change throughout the year?

There are various reasons why your costs may change:

If your dosage and/or quantity changes for a prescription, the cost may change. For example, if your doctor or other prescriber increases the quantity from one pill a day to three, you may pay more.

There are times when the manufacturer increases the cost of a drug. If you are paying a percentage of that cost, then when the cost increases, both you and your plan will be paying more for the drug.

The most common reason your costs will change depends on which coverage stage you are in. There are four different coverage stages for most Medicare prescription drug coverage plans. How much you pay for a drug depends on which coverage stage you are in.

What are the stages of Medicare prescription drug coverage?

Deductible stage: If your plan has a deductible (you’ll have to pay the full cost of your drugs until you meet your deductible).

Initial Coverage stage: Once you meet your deductible, you’ll pay a portion of the cost of your drugs and your plan will pay the rest. Once your total drug spend (what you pay and what the plan pays) reach $3,750 (in 2018) and $3,820 (in 2019) for the year, you move into the next stage.

Coverage Gap stage: During this stage, your plan generally covers a lower percentage of the cost of your drugs than in the Initial Coverage stage. You pay 44% of the cost of generic drugs, and 35% of the cost of brand name drugs in 2018 or 37% of the cost of generic drugs and 25% of the cost of brand name drugs in 2019.

Catastrophic Coverage stage: Once your out-of-pocket costs for covered drugs reach $5,000 (in 2018) and $5,100 (in 2019), you will be in the Catastrophic Coverage stage. Then you will pay either a 5% coinsurance on the cost of covered drugs or a copay of $3.35 (in 2018) or $3.40 (in 2019) for covered generic drugs and $8.35 (in 2018) or $8.50 (in 2019) for covered brand name drugs, whichever is greater.

Who should I contact with questions on pricing?

First, contact your Medicare Part D insurance provider to understand your policy. If you have further questions, please call A&E pharmacy.

What additional services can A&E provide?

A&E was designed to service senior living communities. A&E is an extension of your care providers and is uniquely able to improve quality of care through:

  • Comprehensive Medication Reviews — shared data allows A&E to support analysis into medication regimens
  • Pharmacogenomics — A&E can utilize genetics to provide optimal dosage of medications
  • Vaccinations — A&E can conveniently come onsite to give your community vaccinations
  • 24/7 access to pharmacists
  • Personal, experienced, and dedicated staff

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